Earl Georgas Building

earl georgas sketch 132 9th Street East, Owen Sound, the former LePan Building is now commonly referred to as the “Earl Georgas Building”. This is in reference to the long-time operation of the “Earl Georgas Skis and Snowboards.

The original building was over 140 years old. Constructed in the 1860’s it was one of the earliest buildings in Owen Sound, and was constructed entirely from wood rather that stone or brick as the need at the time was for a building to be operational as quickly as possible.

As Owen Sound developed, this building remained. It was subject to several modifications and alterations over the years and changed hands several times. The building was even relocated from its original site to the location it sits on today.

earl georgas The property was purchased by Northridge Property Management Inc in 2005 from Earl Georgas. Having sat vacant for several years the Building was in an advanced state of disrepair and was condemned for demolition by the City of Owen Sound. Northridge Property Management demolished the building in 2007. In its place a replica of the building was constructed to pay respect to the historical significance of the original building. Based on the earliest original photographs the building was reconstructed using modern materials to resemble the original structure.

The floor plate is approximately 1,700 sq ft and is available for lease. Complete lease details will be online shortly. In the meantime please contact one of our property managers to arrange a viewing.

Full Listing details with costs (password required)


Address: 132 9th St E., Owen Sound
Suite #:
Unit Size: 1700sq.ft.
Zoning: Commercial
Other tenants:
Parking: Yes (negotiable)
Building Features:
Available date: (details?): ASAP
Earl Georgas Building
Earl Georgas Building

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