Our Business

Northridge Property Management was founded in 1997 by John D. Smith. The company has grown over the years to become a regional leader in the development and revitalization of many highly visible real estate projects.

Northridge Property Management focuses its activities in small market cities, with significant holding in Owen Sound, Collingwood and Orillia. Having realized that these markets offer limited growth and profit potential for the average small business relative to larger centers, Northridge Property Management has conceived a vision to offer the highest-quality lease facilities, not otherwise available, while actively managing to keep costs low. This allows our clients to project a professional, successful image to their customers while at the same time respecting the needs of our client’s bottom line.

Over the years Northridge Property Management has built a diverse team with an extensive knowledge base. Northridge Property Management has developed effective cost-control procedures and management practices, allowing it to constantly meet operating and capital budgets. Northridge Property Management prides itself in its timely and effective customer service, meeting the stringent management standards of the clients such as Ontario Realty Corporation and The Queen Majesty.

Northridge Property Management takes a regional approach to its real estate investment. Once an extensive regional portfolio is developed our clients benefit from “Economies of Scale” purchasing power. Significant purchasing power allows Northridge Property Management to hire full-time, well-trained, specialized staff and negotiate “bulk price” service contracts. These savings are simply not possible for a stand-alone building. These savings ultimately result in lower rents and better service for our clients.