Providing high quality leased commercial and residential properties in and around Owen Sound.

Why Northridge Property Management?

In addition to our leasing products, our goal, though our hands-on approach is to make procurement, renovation and servicing for our clients a seamless and smooth experience.

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Highly prized property locations

Locally Based Management

In-house maintenance services

Assistance with design-build, project management and renovations.

Benefit Access to vetted trade relationships

Access to preferred supplier relationships.

We leverage our years of experience to our local presence, and our portfolio scale holdings. This allows us to offer expert service while adding value through our scale.

We leverage our years of experience to our local presence, and to our portfolio size-scale holdings. This allows us to well-support our clients while adding value to our clients leasing experience.

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What is the process like?


Our consultation process is oriented toward defining who
the clients are in terms of lease facilities and needs.  We then make recommendations
to the specific properties and service packages that we believe will best represent the clients’ intents.  

These recommendations will take the tenant from the initial leasing, and procurement phases; through the fit up and move-in, and ongoing service over the course of the lease occupancy of their new space.

We ensure that our recommendations are captured in a clear and concise agreement that is designed to be open and transparent as possible to make the process predictable and hassle-free.

We’re always happy to take your call! Feel free to contact us for additional recommendations, follow-ups, and expert knowlege. 

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• Development, and Design Services
• Construction Services
• Project Management
• Property Management
• Maintenance
• Janitorial Services

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